and we’re different how?

April 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

To clear up any issue of bias, I’ll admit right now that my mood is terrible this morning. There is no winning today, such that even scientists are on my shit list. And I love science. The method, the operational definitions that remove the cloudiness of the “real world”, statistical significance, the hesitance to make definitive statements in favor of observations and “directions for further study”. Fucking love it.

But, guys, really? We’re surprised that chimps trade meat for sex, in a longer term way than “Hey, Peg, chow down on this while I hump you for a minute”? Study it all, yes, great. But it’s not amazingly newsworthy that our close animal relatives figured out a way to barter something necessary for something “necessary”. It’s pretty primal that we trade money for sex, and not much less primal that we trade dinner dates and flowers and caring phone calls for regular sex. Sure, we call that dating and try to turn it into something particularly human and romantic. But have you seen that video of the chimp and the frog? I was shown it by someone who’s using me for regular sex, and I totally related to that frog. Only difference is I get the chance to say yes, and he’ll probably buy me ice cream or fix my kitchen sink at some point.

This particularly pessimistic post brought to you by my cramping, crying uterus (which apparently enjoys alliteration)…



§ 2 Responses to and we’re different how?

  • A says:

    Totally to be expected. And way better than the traumatizing video we watched in “Primate Behavior” about this island where the chimpanzee population is really dense so they’re extra violent. The film spent like 15 minutes showing how everyone randomly ostracized this one chimp. And then they murdered him and ate him.

    Which at least puts middle school in perspective a bit.

  • J. says:

    I’ve always stuck with the heartwarming stories of former captive chimps set free, their struggles to be accepted into their new chimp family, and how they remember their former caretakers even years later. Though thinking about it now I do recall one such chimp was killed by poachers, likely because she was too familiar with people and much too friendly. We all suck. Also, I kind of regret searching for that video and I’m suddenly very thankful that I have a lightbulb that needs replacing and is just a little bit out of my reach.

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