here comes the sun?

April 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

April showers bring...

Everyone’s been emotional lately. Ups and downs, not to mention the constant feedback loops, and it wears on us, even as we try to remain insistently optimistic. But signs of spring…they’re here, really they are!

1. game night – the awesomest of all awesome gamesmiths came and played prototypes with us. And he wasn’t scared away! He might even come back again! When is the last time someone with a penis encountered the lot of us and had that reaction?

2. Passover/Egret Secret Sisters – yes, indeed. A mere days away. There’s a metric ton of stuffing in my freezer, everyone’s getting a present, and yet another opportunity to watch new people sprawled across my carpet (ignore the other possible meanings of such a phrase, as any highly unlikely yet potential get-down carpet-sprawling will not be a watchable sport). It’s like a rite of passage at this point.

3. interpersonal awkward party – let’s be making this happen, letterpressed invites and all. No need for just us to feel awkward all the time, we must spread it around to our former nearest and dearest.

4. the baconalia at Denny’s – bacon sundae? Can we get to Danvers? Or Chicopee Falls? Like, now? There’s a fried cheese stick melt that needs to be in my belly, followed by a breakfast sandwich that might kill me instantly.



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