Dedicated to Middlemarch.

April 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

The second-best article to come from NPR today–I’ll be dreaming of you tonight, mozzarella stick grilled cheese sandwich.

The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We’re All Going to Miss Almost Everything

“It’s sad, but it’s also … great, really. Imagine if you’d seen everything good, or if you knew about everything good. Imagine if you really got to all the recordings and books and movies you’re “supposed to see.” Imagine you got through everybody’s list, until everything you hadn’t read didn’t really need reading. That would imply that all the cultural value the world has managed to produce since a glob of primordial ooze first picked up a violin is so tiny and insignificant that a single human being can gobble all of it in one lifetime. That would make us failures, I think.”

As a person who thinks, sometimes obsessively, about all the things I haven’t read or seen or done I find this an especially nice thought. Way to go, human race. I’d say more but I bought some mini chocolate ice cream cones from Trader Joe’s and shortly, I will be occupied with shoving them into my face.



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  • A says:

    A thought both awfully sad and tremendously relieving. It particularly makes me feel better about my guilty pleasure of re-reading and re-watching things. I’ve always loved reading books over and over and over again. When I go home, I’ll still pick up a Little House on the Prairie or Anne of Green Gables and read the whole thing. And I’ll watch a mediocre movie for the third time just because it’s on TV and it’s so easy and entertaining. There’s definitely an incredible book I should be reading or a documentary I could be actually learning something from, but it’s so comforting and relaxing to just enjoy the familiar. And it doesn’t matter anyways! Thanks, NPR. I surrender.

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