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April 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

about taking the girl out of Florida but being unable to take Florida out of the girl? Witness my idiosyncratic choice of beverage (I think it was when you guys were at IKEA, but one day Kayla asked me about it and said “Are you trying to make a statement about culture and intelligence and stereotypes?” and I was all “Umm, yesssss?”), abysmal fashion sense (there’s a reason I limit myself to shades of gray), and pronunciation of the word “pink”.

So I started this post intending to introduce a song that I like (not love, just like. We’re, like, buds, you know? We’re not attached or anything, we can compare crushes on Starbucks baristas and shit like that), this Guster song that telegraphs what’s about to happen all in the first 30 seconds. Which, if you think about it, and don’t bother because I’ve done it for you, not many songs do. Starts light, brings in the guitars and drums, and it’s all letting you know that the song’s going to build to this by the end so be ready. And then I realized in order to do this I’d have to admit to liking Guster, and who does that? Not me. At least, not without also copping to some other guilty pleasures, and for this slide into cheese I will blame my Floridian upbringing.

Said all there is to say about this, except that I love singing along to Guster songs because it’s like doing “Row Your Boat” without needing anyone else in the room. Pick one guy’s voice, sing along with him, the other dude will do his thing and harmonize with you and it’s a good time.

Totally awful, and I dig the whole album…such shame. But also fun to sing along with at the top of your lungs (I did it this morning, in fact, while watching the families and homeless of Brookline stroll past the bear farm windows). AND he references actual good songs at the end and name-checks Davey Von Bohlen of Cap’n Jazz and the Promise Ring, with whom we’ve already established I am in everlasting love.

I don’t know. I can’t defend this one at all. Garth Brooks? Really? But at least if you watch the video there are some interesting images here that speak to some psychological trauma going on with this particular youtuber. After a while the telephone starts staring at you. Creepy.

Sigh. River Phoenix. As a country singer-songwriter. Awesomely bad movie – can we have a maturetivity soon around this? I’ve got some amazingly trashy recipes to go with it.




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  • J. says:

    I love Bleed American so much. I also have “The Dance” by Garth Brooks on my iTunes. I’m not too proud to admit it. But can I somehow blame my childhood in Upstate New York for the fact that I might be listening to Bush right now slash kind of think 90’s Gavin Rossdale is hot? No? Okay. We can definitely do that River Phoenix thing though.


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