beautiful freak

April 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Perhaps we should aim at taking down Pitchfork? Who needs to know from good new music when we can just supply everyone with good old music that’s meaningful to us?

Ah, a new life goal. At any rate, this song speaks to me every time I hear it because of the wanting, the naked wanting on display. So much of the time everyone tries their best to hide their wants and needs (which I’m separating here from desires, likes, etc., another discussion for another day), society’s trained us all to just be cool and not let on when we’re afraid or lonely or sad or wanting affection or needing attention. I don’t know about the rest of you, but keeping it all inside all the time makes me feel like a caged animal, or a whale in the aquarium. On the other hand, speaking from experience and from listening to E’s voice as he pleads, it fucking hurts and diminishes your sense of being a worthwhile person to say what you want/need and be rejected, ignored, or put off.

There is no grand life lesson here about speaking up, expressing yourself, or shutting the hell up and moving along. Just a recognition that it hurts no matter how you play it, so you might as well have some amazing music while you do it.



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