April 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Every once in a while there is a song. A really great song. A really great song that really gets at something way down in there, like at the very pit of your stomach. It’s beautiful and it makes you feel like total crap. You can’t stop listening to it. Then one day you realize, much to your surprise, it’s a thinly veiled song about Jesus. Like reading C.S. Lewis as a kid and then having your Dad fill you in on all that allegory stuff and you’re all “The Lion is WHO?!!?” I was probably fourteen and probably thought something to the effect of “you mean Chris Simpson didn’t write this just so I could mournfully pine over that guy in my earth science class?!?!” Anyways, this is one of those songs. My favorite thinly veiled song about Jesus. Sorry, Sufjan.


In other news: I was really tired, but then I got home and one of my curtain rods promptly fell down.



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  • M says:

    1. Thanks for the link, to a band I’d never heard. Really doesn’t happen that often.

    2. Best openly Jesus songs that aren’t about Jesus anymore – anything by Wufus Wainwight. I love when he does that and fucks with it, being, you know, gay and all.

    3. Most embarrassing thing I remembered while reading your post – I listened to “Man in the Mirror” constantly in the 5th grade and pined for Jason Tisdale desperately. How those two things came together I still don’t know.


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