but did you have to quote DH Lawrence?

March 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

Second-favorite Twilight Zone episode


“Even a middle-aged person too busy with work and family to read novels still knew that no other book than a novel could be written about his life that would do the least justice to that life in its complex way of taking place, as it had to, simultaneously in his head, in his household, in his society, and in history.”

This article freaked me out. The arguments are so cogent and compelling, our fate as a waste economy bite-sized image-based culture seems ineluctable. But what to do? It looks like a losing battle. You must join them to beat them, but in the joining you’re only adding to the noise and chaos. To withdraw into our warm cozy cave of literature is to give up – but maybe if we few readers go underground together (we’ll grab the Booksmith boys on our way down), we can spend a generation or two reading and breeding and learning to eat roots and bugs, and our children’s children can emerge to a blank slate, an earth wiped clean and ready for the new dawn of the novel. I’m pretty sure Franzen will still be around and eager to write the first one.



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