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March 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

Follow the girly logic train – first, we were talking at work about a certain someone who would be the perfect man if only he suffered massive head trauma that rendered him mute. Then the last post reminded me of Sean Connery in his short-shorts and how he got in trouble for saying that it’s okay for a man to slap his woman every once in a while, and I remembered way back then thinking “Yeah, but look at him. It IS kinda okay, isn’t it?” Then I was listening to music tonight and the next thing you know I’m making a list of the unlikeliest sexiest men…purely subjective but I think I’m right.

1. Pete Townshend. Come on. He’s a rock genius, and sorta sensitive, and that nose lends him such a sober puppy cuteness.

2. Peter Dinklage. He’d go straight to a normal sexiest men list if it weren’t for the, ummm, height thing. That long conference table in Elf? I would jump him on it, for sure.

3. Bill Clinton. Right? Brilliant, and a douchebag. I have a soft spot for that combo.

4. Peyton Manning. The smartest athlete, hands down. Intelligence makes up for a lot, and who doesn’t melt when a guy can do things with his hands?

5. Woody Allen. Ignore his passing resemblance to my father, it ain’t about that. It’s about the brilliant douchebag combo plus a side of superbly funny. We’re all powerless before it.

I’d love to hear your lists, they’re guaranteed to be amazing.



§ 2 Responses to just what i needed

  • J. says:

    Oh, Sean Connery. I mean, as long as we’re talking no closed fists. Sorry, feminists and people with souls everywhere.

    It took a little bit of work to sort through the men who are just nerdy crushes but handsome gents (if Brian Williams files a restraining order against me, that’s just something we’ll have together forever) and the average dudes that I’d totally run away with to a deserted island/top of a mountain/underground hideaway after they murdered someone and just needed to lay low for a while. So, it was a good thing I was at work today, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the time to mull it over.

    1. Anthony Bourdain. He cooks, he writes, he travels, he’s funny, and I read somewhere that he quit heroin cold turkey. Damn.

    2. Jeff Goldblum. After I saw Jurassic Park when I was eight, I was pretty convinced I was going to marry Jeff Goldblum. I’m still holding out for that.

    3. Conan O’Brien. A nice Irish Catholic boy with a Harvard education. My mom would be so proud.

    4. Seth Rogen. Okay, so I wasn’t crazy about any of his movies and his passing resemblance to an ex-boyfriend is certainly a bit of downer (though, pretty much any slightly overweight white guy with glasses and a beard bears a passing resemblance to my ex-boyfriend) but I started watching Freaks and Geeks in high school and always thought he was super cute. I have a soft spot for soft men, what can I say? He looks like a guy that would eat and enjoy all sorts of fried things with me. Plus, he’d make me feel less self-conscious about my own stupid laugh. Sorry, James Franco.

    5. Ira Glass. When I delivered flowers, NPR was basically my life blood. Every time I hear his nasally voice on the radio, my heart melts a little bit. He’s a smart, funny, creative guy who also enjoys the same bad television programs I do–namely the O.C. My sister has the first three seasons on DVD; call me anytime, Ira.


  • M says:

    Nice list, and not a lot of crossover because I wouldn’t fight you for any of them. This is why we’re friends – none of us will ever totally understand the others’ taste in guys.

    Oh, and I looked it up – Angela Lansbury is 10 years older than Elvis. In some states, she could have been his momma.


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