Stupid Thing I Love: #23409203

March 27, 2011 § 2 Comments


Elvis Movies.

Ah yes, Elvis Movies. Is there another genre of film so dedicated to pure enjoyment as the Elvis Movie?  My mom is a big Elvis fan, so I watched a lot of Elvis movies as a kid. From what I remember of this one, Elvis gets a job as a lifeguard/lounge singer at a hotel, putting him in direct competition with his co-worker…who is the champion diver of Mexico. Hilarity ensues! Heck, Angela Lansbury plays Elvis’ mom in ‘Blue Hawaii.’ I’m pretty sure Angela Lansbury doesn’t even come close to being old enough to reasonably portray Elvis’ mom. It’s as if they tried to think of another older woman but then they were like, “fuck it, we’re shooting this thing in like three hours anyways.”

90% Elvis singing + 10% people who look good dancing in bathing suits=150% awesome.

It’s great that THE Bond Girl stars in “Fun in Acapulco,” as “please enjoy this lady’s pointy breasts” is also an important sub-plot in the always super fun and only sometimes racially insensitive early Bond movies. It also gives me an excuse to include perhaps the greatest movie clip of all time: the underwater fight scene from ‘Thunderball.’



§ 2 Responses to Stupid Thing I Love: #23409203

  • M says:

    Oh, Elvis. Which is the movie where he’s a race car driver? There’s a scene in that one where this sorta go-go chick is shaking her thing so hard it’s surprising she doesn’t have a stroke or lose a breast.

    And why haven’t we scheduled a James Bond mature-tivity? Sean Connery, martinis, canapes, sexism couched in seduction so that we don’t even care that we’re being treated like objects??? I’ll send out the email now.

  • J. says:

    I had to look it up–it’s called “Speedway,” naturally. Elvis is a race car driver with a tax problem.

    Sean Connery in short-shorts is enough to get me to any gathering and I would consider shaking it to the point of stroke for him, no problem-o.

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