i don’t go to college anymore

March 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

That’s right, kids, we’re all depressed. And none of us go to college anymore. I like to listen to this song because it helps ease me into a nice soaking mope, like dipping a cookie into milk. Partly it’s the lyrics and partly it’s the fact that I played it on my radio show in college, WHEN IT WAS BRAND NEW, almost 15 fucking years ago, and that seems impossible. And partly it’s Davey’s lisp that drives me crazy with emo-boy desire.

But this morning (and maybe only for this morning, so I decided to commemorate it) I choose to hear it as a statement of fact, and thus a statement of purpose. Okay. Yes. We don’t go to college. We don’t know anything. We have no idea where to put our hands. Now let’s just live it already. I said something stupidly pretentious the other day (building on someone else’s words) about how enviable are the people who gracelessly bumper car around with their loneliness and strangeness, rather than overanalyzing and resenting it and hiding it and never ramming into another driver. It was really pretentious, but it’s maybe time to start driving like crazy motherfuckers – it can’t go any more badly than staying in park…



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