March 22, 2011 § 1 Comment



I woke up from a nap feeling a little bit blue, so here is a song that makes me feel worse. Pretty much everything from either of the Kinsella brothers’ many projects and offshoots of projects makes me feel bad about myself. It’s part “sad reminders of a time long ago” part “why aren’t my sister and I prolific at anything other than finding weird pictures of Bret Michaels?”

Anyways, nothing like a little musically-induced wallowing, amirite? I’m going to squish Harpo and sit and think about how the people you’ve known forever (third grade, basically forever) are some of the best reminders that your life has generally been good, that it generally sucks to grow up, how you could’ve been a better friend, that you probably should be a better person, that you’re glad you quit violin, that you also don’t know what’s going on with so-and-so and that you’ll probably only collect more people to whom the phrase “we don’t really talk anymore” applies, how things that were funny way-back-when are some of the only things that don’t change, and that you never got your pajama pants back. Among other things.




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  • M says:

    First, I love the Kinsella brothers and anything they do. Second, I’m imagining the “your creepy friends” version of those Peyton and Eli Manning Oreo commercials – you and Erin versus me and my sister Erica, playing ’80s name that tune or “identify this candy by touch only”. The point? We’re all born with different gifts.

    Most importantly, this song caught me in the perfect mood. Holy shit, the night I’ve had – you’ll get all important info later or from Colleen. But, um, yeah, totally. Thanks.

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