the carrot and the stick

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

playing to the crowd

“Because the thing about stories, and this might be the exact reason they so often fly under the radar is that few things are harder to talk about than why a particular story is great. It’s like trying to explain love and not love. It goes back to that pang. Lets say you see a face in a crowd. This face reminds you of someone, someone from a long time ago. Explain with a bunch of babble that moment of recognition? And then worse, infinitely worse describe that moment of unrecognition? It’s not her, it’s not him, no—she, he—is long long gone –”

This is an old something from the Rumpus that wanted to come back to life in my head on this particular AM. No greater thought or pondering, I just wanted to see it again because he’s right.



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