Pasties on pasties

March 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

Who's the creepy one in the back?

So let’s put under erasure my most recent pathetic post (and PS, can anyone explain Derrida to me? I read the shit out of him and all I got was the concept of erasure, and even still I can’t think about it without also humming “Chains of Love”). I shouldn’t be near any sort of communicatin’ device when morbidly sad. Lesson learned, on to the haps –

We need to start a burlesque troupe. According to DS, a particularly judgmental douchebag on Yelp, one local troupe’s “entire show was made up of akward, unsexy women with poorly done makeup and unfortunate amount of cellulite making odd coquetish faces, and one of them partially lost her pastie (it managed to hang on to her nipple by an errant sticky tassle thread) during her routine.   The music was stale and boring, the moves were lethargic and poorly executed.”

Guys, we can do that! We are hella “akward”, if we ever applied makeup you know it would be poorly done (except for you, Jamie, you’ve got that girl power), and good lord – odd “coquetish” faces? Lost pasties? Lethargic and poorly executed dancing? Like looking in a fucking mirror…

Let’s move on that, pre-immediately.



§ 2 Responses to Pasties on pasties

  • DS needs to write a column about eating chicken and judging the world. I’d hit that.

    I love, LOVE how she was “distracted” by the flapping fat of the dancers, who PS are quite normal, beautiful women.

    Alas, we can’t all be as awesome as she is.

    I’m totally on board for some lethargic dance moves.

  • J. says:

    My trick to applying make-up is to use every non-color available. Peach-ish? Light brown-ish? Maybe dark brown-ish? If we broke out some blue eyeshadow and lipstick, I’d have no idea what to do except for apply it poorly, perhaps like a clown. Anyways, I’m working my half-hearted shimmy already. We could probably use the Creative Ed. boas and shed plastic-y feathers all over our patrons.

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