fit for a king.

March 18, 2011 § 1 Comment


My sister and I generally have three main topics of conversation: what Harpo is doing at the time, how we miss our dog because she is so cute, and what we’ve recently eaten/are eating/will be eating later. Yesterday I was complaining about how long it was taking to cook my corned beef and how I should just be able to nuke it in the microwave for like, thirty seconds. Like my long line of Irish ancestors would have wanted. Erin then shared her own gastronomic adventures.


At first, I was intrigued. This quickly turned to fear/disgust—that is a lot of grilled cheese. Then I was jealous. That egg thing sounds good.




§ One Response to fit for a king.

  • M says:

    Have you mentioned this to Friendly’s yet? That one burger with the meat and mayo and cheese stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches was awesome, but what do we do for breakfast?

    Also, I am awed by your sister’s superhuman melty dairy tolerance.

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