There ain’t no sin and there ain’t no virtue. There is just stuff people do.

March 16, 2011 § 3 Comments


So, since half of our blog’s namesake happens to be “eating,” I thought this would be appropriate. Well, not specifically this photo, perhaps–but look at the pretty mountains! We sometimes talk about sustainability and the strangeness that is having absolutely nothing to do with how the food we eat gets to the store, or that all of the food we eat comes from a store and how much better everything is plucked straight off the vine or from under a happy chicken’s bum (farm fresh eggs, mmmm. Sometimes I miss you, Upstate New York.) And yes, sometimes I might even feel a little pang of guilt when that lady on that commercial waves her judging finger at her boyfriend for enjoying a delicious high-fructose corn syrupy red popsicle because I love popsicles (especially red ones) and probably also love high-fructose corn syrup for that matter. Anyways, photos! Color photos! Reproduced from color slides taken of WWII-era farms! They’re presented and look very pastoral, of course, with only brief mentions of how some of these people literally lived in holes in the ground or how like, there was recently this whole “Great Depression” thing. I mean, we’ve all read The Grapes of Wrath. But objectively, they are cool. It’s hard not to look at them and think, awww, if only Brookline children were made to harvest potatoes in the cold the world would be a better place. Also, this taught me that there is a town called “Pie Town” so, we should move there. Now.

I found this whole thing from one of the 500 blogs I have on my google reader, so I can’t claim to know anything about the site or the quality of other things they post. However, I did notice this:





§ 3 Responses to There ain’t no sin and there ain’t no virtue. There is just stuff people do.

  • mbrilliant says:

    Grapes of Wrath…I think I heard of that.
    Those family portraits are amazing. Also amazing is the fact that our government once PAID artists to go out and document life as it was being lived elsewhere in America. Once upon a time.

  • The government used to pay people to document lives in America? I was unaware. These pictures are extraordinary. As much as I complain about the futility of most technology, the fact that these photos will remain forever, tucked away in the interwebs for all to see, blows my mind. I bet Brookline children wouldn’t even understand what was going on, or how the context of the time affects the photo.

  • And Grapes of Wrath. What’s that about?

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